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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

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Cuddles Stay, Odors Go

Furry friends can add joy to any home, but they can also create unpleasant odors. Carpet cleaners are traditional and use deodorizers or perfumes to remove odors temporarily.
Best Choice Carpet Cleaning uses a non-toxic pre-spray to eliminate unpleasant odors and not just hide them. We then clean the area with Best Choice Carpet Cleaning. We make sure that nothing remains behind that could harm your pet or linger in your nostrils.

Spills and stain – Solved for Good

A room’s appearance can be affected by deep stains on carpet or upholstery. You might think it’s impossible to remove stains with strong detergents and chemicals. The truth is that detergents leave behind soapy residues. This soapy residue attracts dirt and oils to your carpets or furniture. Some chemicals can also damage fine fabrics. Best Choice Carpet Cleaning cleaning won’t penetrate the carpet or pull stains out of the padding. Your carpet will look new again.
Best Choice Carpet Cleaning is a more permanent solution. Best Choice Carpet Cleaning’s patented solution is free of residue, so your carpet and upholstery will last longer.

Thorough care for your Thoroughfares

You can easily see discoloration in high-traffic areas. Discoloration is often the first to return after traditional carpet cleaning. Conventional cleaners use high-temperature water, even though it can cause damage to the carpet’s backing or seepage beneath carpet. Carpets are exposed to dirt and stains can form from the pad underneath.
Best Choice Carpet Cleaning’s low-pressure carpet cleaning system penetrates the backing but gets to the root of the carpet fibers. Our carpet cleaners use half the water of other cleaners, so your carpet will dry quickly and are ready for normal wear and tear within hours.


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